Gold Leaf Plant Vector Design


 Gold Leaf Plant Vector Design
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Racing Loft

Welcome to our loft

Welcome to Thundercat Loft, Managed by James Slocum. We are located in Cliffwood Beach, NJ, and fly the Central Jersey Combine. Our location is in central NJ, on the east side. In our combine we fly from the west, so whether the winds are north or south, there is no real advantage for us here. The only advantage would be our birds.

The CJC is in our opinion - one of the toughest combines left in the country. We have over 150 members, our combine ships over 2,500 birds and there are several big-money special races that attract over 1,000 entry birds. The young birds in the CJC fly up to 300 miles in the combine and 350 miles in special races. The darkening system is restricted here as well. Most fanciers here have top bloodlines and competition is at its toughest. Our main goal is to build a strong family of birds that will compete at this level of competition and continuously win. Thanks for all your interest and support of the pigeon sport.

And Lastly to my fellow fanciers -"Keep them Strong & Fly them Hard"

- James Slocum

Thundercat Collection of Breeders

Thundercat Loft

Cliffwood Beach, NJ